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study in Italy for Pakistani students


Pizza Margherita, Gelato, Roman Meals, pasta Carbonara, Risotto, Ravioli, Ferrari and leaning tower of Pisa, which country’s name come into your mind. Of course Italy, this land of fashion, brands and new trends have given lots of new ideas in food, style, shoes, automobiles and much more to the world. Italy is like a dream for, food lovers, fashion lovers, history lovers, music lovers and culture lovers. Italy is the land of innovation. Florence, Milan and Rome are the birthplace of many artists, performers, musicians, painters, writers and intellectuals. Italian are fun loving people. The life in Italy is vibrant, electrifying and full of fun. Italian likes to eat, drink and dance. They always hunt full of fun activities. After eating and dancing football is their passion. The Italian football league and football clubs are world famous. Italy has won the world cup of football for four times.

This beautiful land of culture, traditions and entertainment is situated in southern Europe. It is the most important country in Europe. It is surrounded by Europe’s top nations like Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and France. It has a very long coastline with the Mediterranean Sea which is located in the south of Italy. Sicily and Sardinia are its world famous islands. Talking about Italy and forget about Venice is impossible. This unique city of Italy consists of over 100 small islands in the Adriatic Sea. There are no roads and streets in Venice.  Canals of Venice divide the city. People use these canals for roads. It is the most interesting point for the local and foreign tourists.

study in Italy for Pakistani studentsItaly is consists of 301,338 square km with the population of 60.8 million (2015), which is not bad as compared to its area. Italian is its official language which is widely spoken in the country. Capital Rome is the center of art, culture, traditions and religious activities. Christianity is the official religion in Italy and most of Italians are Roman Catholics. Islam is second largest religion in Italy and there are almost 1.5 million of Italians are Muslims.  The center of Roman Catholic Christians is Vatican City, which is also situated in Italy, although it is surrounded by Rome but it is declared an independent state by Italy. You can say Italy is the Makkah of Christians.


The economy of Italy is the one of the strongest economy of the world. The GDP of Italy is US $ 1.815 trillion (2015) and it gross national income is US $ 2.18 trillion, which makes it 4th strongest economy of Europe and 8th strongest economy of the world. Its per capita income is US $ 38,850 which is pretty impressive. Euro is used as currency in Italy.

Italy brought lots of innovation in the industry of the world. It introduced the world unique and modern ideas in the field of industry & production. The major export of Italy is the production machinery, engineering products, transport equipments, textile products, motor vehicles, food items, chemicals, tobacco and minerals etc.

Italy is the member of different world organizations including G7, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), European Union (EU), World Trade Organization (WTO), General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) etc.


Italy is full of tourist spots, it has 47 UNESCO heritage sites which are 60 % of world complete heritage sites. Italy is a beautiful country overall. It has green fields, natural landscapes, beautiful islands, unique city Vince, ancient monuments, historical buildings etc. Leaning tower of Pisa is the center of tourist’s attraction.

study in Italy for Pakistani studentsApart from these beautiful tourist spots and resorts the Italian cuisine is also main attraction for foreigners. The food of Italy is unique and delicious. Italy has gifted lot of tasty food to world but the pizza is above all. Now a days pizza is available almost every corner of the world. It is the most famous kind of fast food. 50 % families of world prefer pizza when they don’t cook at home. Italian knows that how to cook and how to eat. They consider cooking as art. And truly the Italian chefs are artists. Italian dishes look very attractive at the time of serving. The Italian chefs present the dishes like artists. Anyhow, Italy is the most visited country of the world.


All the development of Italy is only due to its quality education. The education system of Italy is based on quality education. The higher education institutions have good reputation in the world. Lots of foreign students are taking education in the prestigious universities of Italy. There are also a number or Pakistani students who are studying in Italy. The higher education institutions consist of public and private universities. Along with universities there are lots of AFAM Institutes (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale), you can say them The Institutes of High Training in Art and Music in English language.

There are 96 universities both public and private are serving the students in Italy with 12 research centers.  Discussing about AFAM, you have lots of choice in the institutes of High Training in Art and Music. You can find 132 AFAM institutes in Italy, we can segregate these institutes as:

  • 20 State Academies of Fine Arts.
  • 58 Conservatories institutes.
  • 24 recognized Academies of Fine Arts.
  • 21 recognized Music Institutes.
  • 4 Higher Education Institutes for Artistic Industries (ISIA).
  • 5 Institutions authorized to issue Higher Education qualifications in Arts, Music and Dance.


The higher education consists of three cycles or three phases in Italy. Fists cycle is consist of bachelor’s degree program, second cycle is consists of master’s degree program and third cycle consists of doctoral degree program. The higher education institutions of Italy follow Bologna system, which is combined education system in Europe. Students have to complete required European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to take degree. ECTS is called CFU in Italy.

Higher education institutions of Italy offer lots of study courses in different degree programs to students.  Here we discuss these degree programs in detail on the page of